A Commitment to Excellence

Marchon is a family man, who is also a person of high character that takes on the role of being a charismatic, natural born, transformational leader. Marchon is someone who believes in teamwork, compromising, religion, faith, integrity, and values. A professional with over a decade of helping the community.

Marchon is a Certified Domestic Violence Counselor, Businessman, an advocate who sat on the advisory committee for both his Alma Mater,  Frick Middle School and Castlemont High School and is also a former canvasser for Clean Water Action. 

Marchon has housed hundreds of families in Oakland and the Bay Area struggling to find a safe and secure home. Currently, he works with the San Francisco/Marin County Food Bank that feeds thousands of families locally. Marchon is also a Financial Advisor, and Insurance Agent who holds an active California Insurance license since 2007. 

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Let's Grow Oakland

Oakland Must Evolve

Oakland, a potential metropolis under the right leadership and tutelage, a city with the ability to compete with any city worldwide, especially, neighboring and surrounding cities, and a city with so much potential but lacks direction and a competitive edge.

My goal is to do just that, move Oakland towards a greater tomorrow by making Oakland competitive in a forever evolving market. My goal is to "Make Oakland Safe and Prosperous for All", by incorporating social equity, creating a long lasting relationship of trust between investors, citizens and law enforcement; smart and city " best interest" economic development, investment opportunity for all and livability improvements, while bringing Oakland into the 21st century of technology.


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